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Author Massimo Marino

You Need a Scientist to Envision Science Fiction

Worlds of Wonder: How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy - David Gerrold I liked the book all over, and there are pearls for everyone in most pages.

What struck me is that Gerrold advices are very practical and take you hand to hand on what is important and essential about writing and storytelling.
One, among the ones he lists at the end says:

"You can't write what you don't know. If you don't know, find out"

Readers want to immerse themselves in the world—of wonder—created by the writer, and it is to be credible, and shown by the author as if he comes from there, he has been there, he felt, smelled the air, tasted the dust of that world.

Gerrold also discusses distinctions and communications. I thought of Mercury-Hermes, god of communication, mediations, and announcements, i.e., revelations. Mercury represents the pricipium individuationis. With his winged feet, he travels fast and agile to establish relationships and connections between gods and men, between universal laws and each individual story. When the communication works and the connection is established, the relationship works.

The essential nature of writing is communication and sharing, we transmit ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions. And we have to know them, first.